Restoration Project- Addison 5 Catalin Radio, Red Swirl

Restoration Project- Addison 5 Catalin Radio, Red Swirl

Restoration Phases

Cabinet Phase 1

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This radio has not yet arrived in our shop but from the seller's pictures, the cabinet looks absolutely stunning with  the highest degree of coloration and swirling.

Picture 2 shows on slight imperfection that is a quick fix. 

Arrival Pictures

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The radio arrived safely and in excellent condition.  The cabinet coloration and swirling is outstanding. There is only 1 very minor issue which is a quick fix.

Catalin Butterscotch Trim

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The butterscotch bars (5) and pinwheel knobs (3) are resin reproduction.  They are very high quality and closely resemble an original set.

I have communicated with the seller to advise them of this fact. There is a material cost difference between and reproduction resin trim set and an original trim set.  The original parts are also difficult to locate.

We need to discuss this issue soon.

Interior Cabinet

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These interior cabinet pictures shows a cabinet is perfect condition and without flaws.

Cabinet interior cleaned.

Cabinet Final Phase

"Cut/Polished to a Mirror-Like Finish

The results of this "Cut/Polish" restoration are spectacular.  The color is much brighter, the swirls are more pronounced and the finish is very glossy.


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The chassis is in excellent condition with no corrosion or staining.

Chassis is sold as not working. If you intend to play this radio, consult with expert in vintage electronics.