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Reference Guide- The Correct Chassis by Make/Model

Catalin Radio Correct Chassis

This Section is a consumer’s guide to the correct chassis by make/model.  As you consider a purchase an antique radio, confirming the radio has the original/correct chassis is an important issue.  Please make sure you have a definitive answer before making purchase. Most collectors do not play their radios, but originality of the chassis effects value.

Addison 5

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Bendix 526MC

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Emerson BT245

"Louver Grille" Tombstone

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Emerson 400 Patriot

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Emerson EP375


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FADA 711

"Dip Top"

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Motorola 51X15/16

"S" Grille

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General Television 591, A5A

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Sentinel 284 NI and NB

Wavy Grille and Open Face

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Tom Thumb 933 


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Sparton 500C 

Catalin Cabinet 

Cloisenne´ Faceplate

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Bakelite, Wood and Mirror Correct Chassis

RCA Model 40X-56 "New York World's Fair" Radio

Wood, Repwood

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Sparton 557 Mirror 

3-Knob "Sled"

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Silvertone 6012 

"Rocket" Bakelite

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NOTE: Most Catalin radios are sold "not in working condition". It is Catalin Store's sales policy is to sell all of its radio as "not working". If you buy a radio and intend to listen to it, it is vital you bring the radio to a vintage electronics expert to check it out and do the repairs to assure safe operation.

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