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Catalin Radio Sales

We Sell Radios That Stand Proud In Your Radio Collection...

We become familiar with your collecting objectives, your wish list and what you are looking to buy now.New collectors receive our guidance on how to start and grow a Catalin radio collection.  Our input avoids the costly mistakes new collectors often make.

Feature Radio

This GE model L570 is a standout for two reasons.  The radio is in perfect condition with no defects and it is 100% all original.  This is not to mention the even patina that has a beautiful color.  

Price- Sale Pending


"Bakelite Perfection"

A Bakelite radio for serious radio collectors.  The Silvertone 6110 "Rocket" is considered one of the most desirable radios of the 1930s-1940s.  The challenge when buying one of these radios is that many of them are damaged in one way or the other. It is a rarity to find one in absolutely perfect condition like the one pictured here.








Take this exciting voyage through the mind of Lou Woolf as he transformed Art Deco plastic and wood radios of the 1930s-1950s into glamorous new art forms. 

Art Deco Radios

Radio Collector Reference Books

Classic Plastic Radios of the 1930s-40, by John Sideli- Near Mint

Sedili Book 1

Classic Plastic Radios of the 1930s-40, by John Sideli- Good

Sedili Book 1

Catalin Radio Chassis

General Television (GTV) A5A (1)

General Television (GTV) A5A (2)

Emerson 400 "Patriot" 


Restoration & Repair Services

We Offer a Catalin Radio Restoration Service That Will Astonish You With The Results.

The best way to brighten up and increase the value of your Catalin radio collection is through our Premium "Cut & Polish" process.  In addition to "Cutting" away unwanted oxidation, surface scratches and other such imperfections, the cabinet is prepared to receive its final finish.

After years of experience and researched, we developed a technique to refine cabinet to a mirror-like finish.  This is a major step up from a high-gloss finish.

If your Catalin radio is damaged, we repair most cracks, hairlines, missing pieces, etc.  A well done repair will improved the display quality of your radio and make it easier to sell down the road.

Sales and Service

GOLD Series Catalin Radio Dial Lenses

Finest Dial Lenses Available.  Exclusively Offered By the Catalin Store.


Newest Plastic Technology

Over the years, tremendous refinements have been made in the manufacturing of plastics and protective agents . We have combined the best plastic and protective coating to create the next generation of dial lenses.



Thermal Plastic

Ceramic Coated

· Precision molded

· Longer life span

· Crisp contours

· Crystal clear

· Laser cut edges

· Crack resistant

· No shrinkage

· Scratch resistant

· No distortions

· UV resistant


Order Your Next Dial Lens 

It is a simple process to order a dial lens through the Catalin Store.  Click the link below to the selection of lenses that you can choice from and pay via quick check-out. Your new dial lens will be shipped to you safely in a box. 


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Selling Your Catalin Radios?

If you have one, two, three or an entire Catalin radio collection you are thinking of selling, consult with us on ways to sell your radios and achieve the best return for you.  

Is the timing right for you to consider downsizing your Catalin collection or sell a few radios you have on your shelf, give us a call at 508-868-4022 or Contact Us.  We will be happy to discuss the ways we can buy or help you facilitate these sales.


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