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FADA 202 Catalin Radio, Maroon and Butterscotch

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Catalin Radio

Offered in this listing is a rather rare and unique FADA 202 Catalin Radio.  It has the same appearance as a FADA L56, except FADA used a 1000 handle and gumdrop knobs.

I have checked the internet for additional information on this radio but it is sparse. 

This 202 is in perfect condition with no cracks, chips, hairlines, repairs, reproduction parts or tube burns.  You can not find a 202 in better condition than this.

This radio has been cleaned with a quick buff.  We will restore this radio to the customers specifications.

The chassis on this radio is sold as not working.  If you intend to play this radio, before turning it on, consult with a vintage electronics expert.

FADA 202 Catalin Radio, Maroon and Butterscotch

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