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Collection: Micro File Boards 7" 100 - 4000 Grit (PKG 10)

Radio Restoration 

These are the same micro files we use when restoring Catalin Radios. This is just one of a number of products that will make your Catalin radio "Cut/Polish" restoration projects run more smoothly and provide better results.  These are the right tool for the job.  The grit levels range from 100-4,000, PKG 10.

The craft of Catalin radio restoration defined as “Cut and Polish” is quickly become a lost art.  There are few professional restorers around the office this service.

We have been doing “Cut and Polish” Catalin radio restorations for years.  We do restorations on radio customers buy from us.  

Over the years, we have refined the methods and supplies need to enhance our results so the Catalin surfaces have a mirror-like finish.

 Our offerings have been tested extensively and our pricing very competitive.

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  • Micro File 4-Way Boards Wet/Dry 7” 100 - 4000 Grit (PKG 10)
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