Admiral 787 Console Tube Radio
Admiral 787 Console Tube Radio
1937 Admiral Console Radio
Admiral 787 Antique Radio For Sale
Rare Console Tube Radio For Sale
Affordable Admiral 787 Console Radio
Admiral 787 Reproduction Grille Cloth
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Admiral 787 Console Tube Radio

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Wood Radio

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This is a hard-to-find Admiral 787 Console Tube Radio from 1937.   A special model with its very popular aviation styling.  This is a project radio that when completed, will be your pride and joy.

Measures: 39"h x 23.5"w x 12.5"d.

The cabinet has been refinished with its 4 original wood knobs. The dial is clean as the pictures show. 

The chassis is rusty and will require careful attention to restore it back to its original condition (More chassis pictures available).  The speaker is original with the cone intact.

The grille cloth is reproduction and a good match shown in the side-by-side comparison picture. 

Admiral 787 Console (Floor Model) Console Tube Radio.

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